Arrow Engineering is dedicated to providing structural engineering related services to clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. We promise to deliver three things with every project we undertake:

  1. Exceptional knowledge of material codes, specifications, and the latest construction best practices
  2. Detailed, clear, and well articulated drawings, sketches, and reports with a focus on constructability and practicality.
  3. Service above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Arrow’s team are more than just structural engineers; we are professionals who are invested in helping you complete your project. We will respond quickly and effectively to you whatever your challenge is.


Arrow Engineering Owner

Michael Howell, the owner of Arrow Engineering, grew up in New Brighton, Pennsylvania; a small town north of Pittsburgh in the heart of western PA’s steel country. His love of construction began the summer he helped his dad build a deck on the back of their house. This love grew through construction mission trips throughout high school and by working with a residential contractor during summers in college.

Mike has earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters in Business Administration from West Virginia University. His career includes time with American Bridge Company of Coraopolis, PA; McKinney and Company of Ashland, Virginia; Brockenbrough and Associates of Richmond, VA; and Allegheny Design Services of Morgantown, West Virginia. In 2016, Mike started Arrow Engineering – a structural engineering firm dedicated to serving clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets with his experience as a contractor, civil engineer and structural engineer.

Mike is an active member and past branch President of the American Society of Civil Engineers, a past chair of the Richmond Joint Engineers Council, a past delegate to the Emerging Leaders Alliance and a past President and current member of the BNI Mountaineer Chapter. He is also a professional speaker and lecturer on topics such as Lessons from the Great Builders: What History Teaches Us About Modern Construction’; ‘Failure: When Engineers Make Mistakes’, and ‘When Engineers Manage’. He is an active and past board member of several local organizations such as Pace Enterprises, the Bartlett House and the Spark Imagination and Science Center and is a coach in local youth sports. He resides in Morgantown, WV with his two children.

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