Why Choose Arrow

Since 2016, Arrow Engineering has been dedicated to delivering top-tier structural engineering solutions that exceed expectations. Drawing from his extensive background as a contractor, civil engineer, and structural engineer, Michael Howell founded Arrow Engineering to bring a unique blend of practical experience and innovation to every project.

At Arrow Engineering, we understand the paramount importance of a sturdy foundation and impressive design. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or an industrial venture, our team is committed to crafting solutions that exceed industry standards. With a focus on safety and durability, trust us to bring your structural visions to life with precision and expertise.

Michael Howell

Arrow Engineering Owner

Mike’s passion for construction ignited during his youth in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. From helping his father build a deck to volunteering on construction mission trips, his fascination with structures blossomed. He pursued this passion academically, earning a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and later obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration from West Virginia University.

Throughout his career, Mike has honed his expertise with reputable firms such as American Bridge Company, McKinney and Company, Brockenbrough and Associates, and Allegheny Design Services. Actively involved in professional organizations, he has held leadership roles in the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Richmond Joint Engineers Council. Mike’s commitment extends beyond his professional realm; he engages in community service, serving on boards for organizations like Pace Enterprises and the Spark Imagination and Science Center. Residing in Morgantown, West Virginia, Mike balances his career with coaching youth sports and cherishing time with his two children.

As a professional speaker, Mike lectures on construction topics such as ‘Lessons from the Great Builders: What History Teaches Us About Modern Construction,’ ‘Failure: When Engineers Make Mistakes,’ and ‘When Engineers Manage.’

Phillip Bailey Junior Structural Engineer

Phillip Bailey

Junior Structural Engineer

With a background in civil engineering and construction management, Phillip brings practical experience and academic knowledge to our projects. Phillip holds B.S. in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University, and has a background in construction management working for Yates Construction on the WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.

Having worked on significant projects like WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital, Phillip is well-prepared to lead complex building and design endeavors. As a licensed Engineering Intern in West Virginia, he’s committed to delivering top-notch results.

Phillip is a volunteer YoungLife Leader for Grafton High School (c. 2018), and previously held an official position for the West Virginia University’s Chi Epsilon Honorary Academic Fraternity. 

Ashbee Skyles Project Engineer

Ashbee Sykes

Project Engineer

Originally from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Ashbee brings a deep understanding of construction and structures to his work as a structural engineer. His background working with a family construction business provided hands-on experience ranging from framing houses to engineering multimillion-dollar projects, informing his approach to the intricacies and impact of design decisions.

Inspired by his early days as a carpenter, Ashbee’s journey led him to West Virginia. A graduate of West Virginia University with degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Ashbee is currently advancing his expertise in Structural Engineering at The Citadel. As a licensed Professional Engineer since 2019, he’s committed to delivering excellence in every project.

Sydney Raeckelboom

Project Engineer

Hailing from South Carolina with deep-rooted family ties to West Virginia Sydney forged her path in the industry by honing her skills in pre-manufactured metal building systems before transitioning seamlessly to spearheading diverse commercial ventures for government installations across the globe. With over half a decade of collective experience, Sydney exemplifies unwavering expertise and dedication.

A proud alumna of Clemson University, Sydney earned her stripes with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, equipping her with a robust foundation to revolutionize Arrow’s projects with a contemporary edge and innovative mindset.

Zachary Howell

CAD Technician

As Arrow’s sole CAD Technician, Zachary plays a vital role in the team. His expertise in engineering technology and design enables him to create both 2D and 3D designs, ensuring Arrow produces top-quality plans for superior structures.

Beyond design, Zachary also assists with field work, measuring structures and conducting assessments. His attention to detail makes him an essential part of the team.

Zachary received AutoDesk Certification from the Virtual Design Construction Institute, further validating his skills in CAD.