Commercial projects can range in size from simple gas stations and restaurants to multi-million-dollar athletic facilities. They can include hotels, office buildings, or parking garages. But the thing that connects all of them is that a commercial building is likely one of the largest assets that a business will possess; that makes it integral to its success. That’s why it’s important to have a structural engineer involved who knows and respects this. Arrow’s Engineers are invested in the life of the business they are serving in every commercial project they are involved in.


When owners and architects need exceptional structural design and project management, Arrow’s Engineers are here to help with projects of all sizes.  More than just number crunchers, Arrow strives to be an active part of the design process, ensuring that the Architect’s vision is translated in clear, concise designs and that every dollar of the Owner’s investment is well spent. Arrow takes a tremendous amount of pride in being there to meet the needs of the Owner and the rest of the design team.

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Cold-Formed Steel Design

Stamped and sealed cold-formed design packages including connection design to help fabricators, contractor’s, and owners meet the requirements of their cold formed steel specifications.


Steel Connection Design

Arrow’s engineers are ready to deliver calculation packages for delegated structural steel connection specifications per all requirements of AISC and AISI.  Priced on a per connection basis to help you firm up your bid with reliable, fixed fees for engineering services.

Structural Assessments and Planning

A comprehensive structural engineering assessment performed by Arrow’s engineers can provide building owners with an in-depth look at the structural integrity of their building.  This is important because it often isn’t about what a space is currently doing; it is about what it could be doing that matters. Arrow’s assessments focus first on understanding the major structural systems of a building, determining the need for destructive or non-destructive testing, and then determining what new possibilities exist to transform that space into its full potential.

Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Testimony

Often when a residential construction project has hit a rough patch, then an unbiased third party structural assessment can often provide owners, contractors, or attorneys with the objective, scientific fact-finding report necessary to determine the defects of a project. Arrow’s engineers are there to provide comprehensive assessments for all phases of construction.

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