The most important structure for every person is their home. It’s the place you come to, the place you rest, the place you raise your family. With all that at stake, it should also be a structure that is safe and secure for many years. The team at Arrow is here to make sure that happens. Fees for residential services almost always start with a simple site visit, which is billed at a small fixed fee. This includes assessments and reports. More extensive design work or testing may require additional hours, but those will always be discussed with you before beginning that work.

Home Renovations and Additions

Any change to a building has the potential to significantly change the performance of the structure. Removing or modifying walls, adding new structural elements, or changing the occupancy of a space can all affect the integrity of the structure. Arrow Engineering’s team can help you plan your next renovation or addition to help make your dreams a reality. Arrow Engineering can also help you prepare construction documents and drawings that can help explain your vision for the project to a contractor and ensure you are getting the most competitive bids.

Deck design and Assessment

Decks are beautiful additions to any home and can significantly expand the space you have to enjoy your surroundings.  But they are also complicated structures and can present significant challenges to make sure they are safe. This is especially true if the deck attaches to an existing structure, is elevated, or needs to accommodate heavier loads such as a hot tub, grill, or roof.  Arrow Engineering’s structural experts can help you design the perfect deck to suit your needs and provide you with the detailed structural drawings needed to ensure it is built to last a lifetime.

Home Renovations and Additions

Interior decorators, kitchen designers, and architects often desire to remove existing walls to allow for greater versatility in rooms and more open concepts for their space.  However, such moves often bring about structural problems which must be addressed. Arrow’s engineers can help plan your next project by determining which walls can be relocated or moved, how to support the existing structure while they are, and what type of support may need to be used to make this happen.

Structural Condition Assessments

Arrow Engineering’s structural engineers are experts at providing conditional assessments on existing structures and new construction which are suitable for insurance adjusters, as follow up to a report by a home inspector, to assist with bank lenders involving both new and existing residential structures, and for homeowners who are interested or curious about cracks or movement in their houses!  Assessments can start as a simple site visit where one of Arrow’s engineers will come and evaluate the condition and discuss with you our opinion. Most assessments also include a stamped report following the visit. The visit and report are always charged as a flat rate plus travel time. Before any additional design work is determined to be necessary, Arrow Engineering will discuss the needs for those services.

Foundation Assessments and Shoring Design

The most important part of any structure is the foundation.  Without a good one, the rest of the structure doesn’t matter!  Arrow Engineering’s team of experienced structural engineers can help you diagnose any potential issues with your foundation, basement walls, or floors and provide recommendations for their correction.  We pride ourselves in providing simple, clear explanations to these conditions that will leave you with answers and a recommended plan of action.

FHA and HUD Modular Home Foundation Assessments

Are you looking to purchase or refinance a modular home?  Chances are that the lender may require a foundation assessment to be completed by a licensed structural engineer.  Arrow’s engineers are ready to help assist you with your next home purchase.

Mine Subsidence Assessments

Pre and post-mining operation structural surveys conducted by licensed structural engineers can help homeowners, insurance companies, and mining operators establish the needed data to understand the effects that mining or drilling may have on a structure’s integrity.

Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Testimony

Often when a residential construction project has hit a rough patch, then an unbiased third party structural assessment can often provide owners, contractors, or attorneys with the objective, scientific fact-finding report necessary to determine the defects of a project.  Arrow’s engineers are there to provide comprehensive assessments for all phases of construction.

We look forward to working with you! Contact us to set up a residential site assessment.

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