Residential Services

Your home is the most fundamental structure you’ll own. It’s the place you come to, the place you rest, the place you raise your family. It should be a structure that’s safe and secure for many, many years. And if you’re looking to buy or sell that home, or would like to renovate it; then you’ll want to hire a structural engineer.

The Arrow team ensures you and your family’s safety and comfort. Fees for residential services typically always start with a simple site visit. Then, we bill the site visit at a small fixed cost, which includes assessments and reports. More extensive design work or testing may require additional hours, but those will always be discussed with you before beginning that work.

Our team at Arrow Engineering can execute a detailed structural assessment quickly–in the end, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Why Choose Arrow?

You’ll want to hire a reliable residential structural engineer to get the job done right. At Arrow Engineering, we use the proper materials, and our team oversees all projects to perform high-quality and efficient results.

Our residential services include:

Our Residential Services

Home Renovations and Additions

Home Renovations and Additions

Any adjustment to a building has the potential to change the overall performance of the structure significantly. Removing or modifying walls, adding new structural elements, or changing the occupancy of space all affect the integrity of your soon-to-be structure. 

You will most likely need a structural engineering assessment if you are trying to sell your home or start a renovation project. Our licensed engineers will provide you with an accurate estimate of your home to determine the feasibility of your home renovation project.

Arrow’s engineers can help plan your next project by determining which walls can be relocated or moved, how to support the existing structure while they are, and what type of support may need to be used to make this happen.

Our team is here to help you plan your next renovation or addition. We’re ready to make your dreams a reality. We also want to prepare you with the proper construction documents and drawings to explain your vision further; this will ensure you’re getting the most competitive bids.

Deck Design and Assessment

Deck Design and Assessment

Decks are beautiful additions to any home while greatly expanding the space you have to enjoy your dream home. Keep in mind that they are also complicated structures and present several challenges; this is why it’s vital to ensure your deck is safe.

Arrow Engineering’s structural experts can guide you to design the perfect deck that suits your individual needs. We provide you with in-depth structural drawings needed to ensure it’s built to last a lifetime.

Structural Condition Assessments

Structural Condition Assessments

Did you know that we’re also experts at providing conditional assessments on existing structures and new construction? Yes, indeed! 

Our assessments are exceptional for:

  • Insurance adjusters
  • Home inspectors
  • Bank lenders (involving both new and existing residential structures)
  • And, homeowners who are curious about cracks or movement in their houses!

Our licensed engineers will provide you with an accurate assessment of your home to determine the practicable of any potential structural issues. 

Assessments begin as a simple site visit. With courtesy and the utmost respect, one of our engineers will come and evaluate your site’s condition. Most estimates include a stamped report following the visit. The visit and report are always charged as a flat rate plus travel time. Our team will discuss your needs for these services before any additional design work is determined to be necessary.

Foundation Assessments and Shoring Design

Foundation Assessments and Shoring Design

The foundation is the most crucial part of any structure – without a good one, the rest of the structure doesn’t matter! Our team of experienced structural engineers will diagnose any potential issues with your foundation, basement walls, or floors. We’ll provide needed recommendations to uphold the quality, durable standard you deserve. 

At Arrow Engineering, we pride ourselves on providing simple, clear explanations to these conditions that reassure you with answers and a recommended plan of action.

FHA and HUD Modular Home Foundation Assessments

FHA and HUD Modular Home Foundation Assessments

Are you looking to purchase or refinance a modular home? The lender may need a foundation assessment to be completed by a licensed structural engineer. Our expert engineers can happily assist you with your next home purchase.

Additionally, if you experience any damage to your home from a natural disaster, foundational issues to termites, call our team, and we’ll provide you with our top-notch customer service.

Mine Subsidence Assessments

Mine Subsidence Assessments

We have experience from surface coal mines, aggregated mines to underground metal mines. Our team helps homeowners, insurance companies, and mining operators through pre and post-mining operation structural surveys. Our mine subsidence assessments are conducted by licensed structural engineers that establish the data needed to understand the effects of mining or drilling on a structure’s integrity.
Lifting and Demolition Plans

Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Testimony

When a residential construction project hits a rough patch, an unbiased structural assessment provides owners, contractors, or attorneys with an objective report—a scientific report aids in determining the defects of a project. Our engineers offer comprehensive evaluations for all phases of construction.