Building 5

Building 5 Austin Business Park, Dayton OH


In 2021, Construction Managers of Ohio, the General Contractor for the Austin Business Park in Dayton, OH approached Arrow’s team with a request to help them transition from their own in-house design team to a new structural engineering partner. The previous buildings at the business park had all been designed using CMO’s internal design team and were done in a fully integrated sense, all shop drawings were included in the contract drawings with no secondary review. Arrow has always been dedicated to delivering the most efficient design practices for our clients and knew that it could rise to the challenge presented by this request. Out of this project, Arrow’s Integrated Tilt-up Project Delivery was born and the project was able to proceed without issues in a most efficient manner.

Project Highlights

– 80,000 SF of tenant space
– Arrow’s Integrated Tilt-Up Project Delivery
– Fast Tracked Joist and Steel Submittal Review
– Direct input from GC during Design

Building 5 Austin Business Park, Dayton OH