Arrow Structural Engineering is a structural engineering design service company that specializes in construction materials such as the design of steel, concrete, wood, masonry, aluminum, and cold-formed steel. Their team of experts serves as the engineer of record on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and bridges that range in size and complexity. They take pride in offering clear, concise, and straightforward design solutions that focus on constructability and practicality. Arrow knows and understands that customer satisfaction, along with the success of their projects, directly correlates with their business’s growth, ultimately making them a partner and not an obstacle in every project they work on.
Yinzer True III
Arrow has been working alongside developers and a local architect to develop multiple unique, modern-style homes throughout Pittsburgh’s suburban neighborhoods. Their most recent project was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters episode “Yinzer True.” The design of these homes requires special attention to front/rear shear walls, tight clearances, large window openings, and coordination with adjacent existing foundations. Arrow’s team has construction backgrounds, giving them practical knowledge and experience when it comes to constructing these unique homes that meet modern designs.
Yinzer True
Working closely with developers and architects, Arrow’s team of experts provides an open-concept structure that meets the modern style of these up-and-coming neighborhoods. Arrow’s engineers are known for incorporating constructability and practicality into every project, ensuring that the vision of the architects and the owners comes to life while still being functional. Their work is not just about creating a beautiful design, but they also take into consideration the efficiency of the project and the client’s budget.
Arrow’s engineers are experts in building codes, material specifications, and the latest construction technology and procedures. They are licensed structural and professional engineers in several states who apply the expertise they gain in every project to make sure their clients receive their best effort. Arrow produces straightforward and practical conclusions and recommendations, ensuring their clients receive the answers they need when they need them.

Arrow’s team also performs forensic structural engineering investigative services for insurance companies, lawyers, and building owners. They understand what it’s like to work with structural engineers who don’t have a sense of reality in their designs, don’t understand what it means to build something, and don’t appreciate the vision of architects and owners for their project. They help alleviate that burden by becoming partners in the project, dedicating themselves and their abilities to making sure the project is successful with designs that are innovative and practical.

Arrow’s engineers use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to work through designs in 3-dimensions, eliminating conflicts and ensuring that coordination issues are worked out in the design process rather than during construction. They provide impartial reports and recommendations that are scientific and mathematically proven and in line with common engineering principles. Arrow’s engineers treat the client’s money like their own, making sure they are always working in the most efficient manner to provide the answers that are needed on a project.

Arrow Structural Engineering has reshaped Pittsburgh’s suburban neighborhoods with their unique designs and practical approach to construction. Their team of experts has helped thousands of individual clients and projects since their inception, ensuring their clients receive their best effort on every project. If you are looking for a partner who will ensure the success of your project and has the practical experience and expertise to bring your vision to life, Arrow Structural Engineering is your answer.